Analyze Malware In The Time It Takes To Grab a Cup Of Coffee

Malware analysis is not a skill that every IT security professional has. It comes with a heavy amount of programming experience, an understanding of assembly, computer memory, debuggers and decompilers. Malware analysis can take a lot of time and skill, and is usually not done by organizations’ security staff. The staff leaves it to AV vendors and security research companies to do the analysis and make reports.

What happens when your company sees a lot of spam with zip attachments? Wouldn’t it be nice to see what these attachments do if opened; if they’re a Trojan or are making your client machines into botnet zombies? If you could analyze these files and see where they’re calling you could block these URL’s and IP’s at your perimeter, and not just rely on your spam filters or users’ judgment.

I found a pretty neat site called I’ll let you read more about the site’s origin and purpose, but to summarize: allows you to submit script and executable files to it and will send you a detailed analysis within a few minutes. takes your script or executable and runs it on a vm, then sends you the processsystem calls, dll hooks, networkdns traffic generated. You can choose what OS to run your files on, and the best part is it’s FREE!

So, now when your company starts getting those spam emails with attachments you can be the hero and provide custom remediation to the threat, right after you finish your cup o’ joe!


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