Track Your CPEs From Security ConsTraining

I know that folks have some varying opinions on IT certifications (especially IT security certifications).  While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge someones worth by the number of certifications they have, if you’re in IT or infosec (and you’re not already a rock star) you know that they are here to stay.  And, you know that you have to keep them updated to satisfy the powers that be, if you want to remain current.  Some (see DoD or even some security consultants) HAVE to maintain them to keep their jobs.  You do that by maintaining the required number continuing professional education points (CPEs).

There are many different ways to attain these CPE’s, but one is attending a conference or training.  I will be attending a security conference June 16th called RVAsec.  I was talking to someone about it and made the comment about earning CPEs for it, so i figured I’d bring up a neat way of tracking your CPEs from RVAsec (or any trainingstudy CPE earning activity) on  I have been a member of since it started.  It’s a handy way to track CPEs for multiple certs, and the development team is always adding features and finding ways to improve the site.  It’s free (there is a paid version with more features).  Whether you’re IT or you just have certs that require CPEs (like the CPAs out there) it’s a handy tool.


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